I am an early-career scientist interested in global change ecology, currently focussing on plant and landscape ecology in Arctic tundra ecosystem.

I am in the final year of my PhD at the Tundra Ecology Lab of the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), for which I am using satellites, drones and ground-based observations to better our understanding of the processes that govern tundra vegetation change.

Over the past years, I have organised and taken part in two three-months expeditions to the Canadian Arctic and conducted multiple field work projects within the UK and Europe. I am an experienced drone pilot with many flight hours operating in remote locations, and have been an active member of the High Latitude Drone Ecology Network (HiLDEN) since its inception.

I also enjoy teaching and communicating science. For many years, I volunteered in environmental education of primary school children and I am currently tutoring on the University of Edinburgh’s Geoscience Outreach course, supervising outreach projects of final year undergraduate students.

[January 2018]